Elabs is one of Germany’s IT service pioneers and a leading provider of complex IT service solutions. Learn more about our history and the focus of our work.

Elabs – the pioneer for IT services

Elabs AG combines IT into sophisticated service solutions. We work for companies of all sizes in any industry and for public institutions. In doing so, we cooperate with leading partners around the globe in order to consistently design the best solutions for our customers and realise them quickly and reliably.

Innovative IT service solutions for all industries

We supply our customers with perfectly fitting IT service solutions, consistently giving them exactly the software, hardware and support services they need to complete their tasks efficiently – and to gain a crucial market advantage.


As an additional business area, ElabsPRO is dedicated to special services for IT companies ranging from the IT infrastructure (infrastructure-as-a-service, IaaS) to service and development platforms (platform-as-a-service, PaaS) to software automation (software-as-a-service, SaaS).


ElabsINNOVATE is the Elabs think tank. Highly innovative IT service solutions are developed here, promoting digital progress in all areas of life.

IT service pioneer since 2001

Ever since the company was founded in 2001, Elabs has been considered an IT service pioneer and one of Germany’s leading providers of IT service solutions. Our competencies cover all aspects of sophisticated IT services – from strategic and technology consulting to conceptual design and development to IT operations.


The production and administration of our IT services takes place in our three data centres directly at the German internet node in Frankfurt am Main. They are among Germany’s most modern data centres, certified at the highest EU security level (EN 501331). The headquarters of our owner-managed company are right next door.

Elabs IT never creates complications but delivers solutions for tangible added value – and always works as agreed. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Solutions that always work – guaranteed

“No work, just IT” – that has been our motto since the company’s founding because Elabs IT services always work like a charm. We see ourselves as an external IT department for our customers and also give them new freedom to focus on their core business.


Not only are we convinced that virtually all challenges in the modern working world can be mastered with innovative IT solutions, this is the quintessence of our many years of successfully working for our customers.


Our goal is to always find exactly the IT solution that best supports you for top entrepreneurial performance in your field of business.

Our promise: Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Elabs IT services always work as agreed – we guarantee your satisfaction. Service level agreements (SLAs) describe all agreed services as well as your rights and our obligations in case of a deviation clearly and in detail.


To make the quality of our performance transparent for you at all times, the functional readiness of our IT and all other agreed quality characteristics are continuously measured and the measurement results are logged. You can always rely on us to act promptly, even in response to the most minor deviations from the agreed IT service quality.

We deliver solutions, not new IT problems

Elabs IT does not create new problems but delivers solution that truly add value. We earn our money with IT services that work reliably, delivered to our customers at monthly fixed prices. Our highly qualified employees work with the latest technologies, making the flexible delivery of IT services at attractive prices possible even in small quantities or customised.


Updates and maintenance are naturally part of the scope of work for our IT services. For us they are not sources of additional income but part of our quality promise. This means our customers can be confident that Elabs IT always works reliably, which is in our own best interest.

A tradition of innovation

IT service solutions from Elabs are highly innovative. They represent major improvements compared to the conventional IT they replace sooner or later.


Our IT service innovations emerge from the consistently solution-oriented approach of our employees and partners, whose work is guided by the needs of our customers. Our think tank ElabsINNOVATE also receives important impulses for the development of new IT solutions from its cooperation with leading scientific and research institutions.


Something all our IT innovations have in common is that they effectively make life better – and the work of our customers easier over the long term.

Successful innovation based on experience

Successful innovations are a tradition for Elabs. Our HighSecurity Backup service for example provided small to midsize enterprises with high-security, legally compliant backups as an IT service solution long before the online backup boom. We were also among the first providers in Germany for SaaS enablement for software companies. Recently we developed an innovative platform and services for fast desktop-to-mobile transformation, software-and-service composing and cross-platform product evolution with MaaS2go.


Not only were all Elabs products groundbreaking in their respective field, they also continue to set technology standards – because innovation is an ongoing process for us.

New IT services that set standards

We are already working on the next innovations today – because we consider every change a new challenge and every new technology an opportunity to develop novel IT services for our customers.

Among other things, we are currently dedicating ourselves to smart IT solutions in the areas of Mobile First, the Internet-of-Things, Industrie 4.0 and Borderless Enterprise. We are convinced that we can offer our customers innovative IT services in these and other areas now and in the future, helping to redefine progress in IT.

Innovative and fast thanks to strong partners

The top-class products and services of our partners are indispensable components of our own IT service solutions. We also owe a lot of our customer proximity to our partners. Their know-how and experience is encompassed in the conceptual design and development of all our products.


The form of cooperation with our partners depends on the respective goals of our partnership. But all our partnerships have one thing in common: The interaction of all partners at eye level. Partnership programs strengthen our cooperation with other companies for the mutual benefit of the partners.

Flexible cooperation for lasting success

Our partnerships are made for the long haul – yet highly flexible. We decide to enter into cooperation with other companies when we find their products convincing and believe we can work together well over the long term. Only long-term cooperation makes it possible to develop the level of trust that is essential to realise the full potential of a partnership.


Distributed collaboration across various sites is part of everyday life in our partnerships. We count on extensive personal responsibility and the flexibility of all the partners involved.


Our methodology know-how ranges from central project controlling to agile project management, with our mode of operation based exclusively on how we can realise a project especially quickly, efficiently and with lasting success for our customers.

Successful innovations are a tradition at Elabs. Our innovative
IT services effectively make work easier for our customers and
set standards in their respective field.

Strong performance thanks to strong partners

Partnerships are a key element of the Elabs company strategy. They benefit all stakeholders and add value for our customers with great efficiency.


Our partners include leading providers of specialised and industry solutions all over the world. Through cooperation based on mutual trust, we work with them on the realisation of joint projects. We benefit from their knowledge and resources as our partners benefit from our know-how and experience.


Our successful partnerships help us be more innovative and faster than our competitors – and therefore to provide optimum services for our customers.

Successful partnerships make Elabs more innovative and faster than competitors – so we always provide optimum services for you as a customer.

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