DropShares – the professional, high-security file sharing service

DropShares is a secure, central storage system for files of all kinds. It makes file sharing convenient and allows files to be edited jointly with other users. DropShares is compatible with all devices and operating systems.

As flexible as your business

DropShares is the ideal file sharing service for working from anywhere with full flexibility – because it is compatible with all devices and operating systems. In addition to English and German, DropShares supports eleven other important business languages from Chinese and Russian to Spanish and Portuguese. It thereby enables smooth collaboration between your employees and partners anywhere in the world.


DropShares is convenient to use through your browser. Offline use is possible as well. DropShares clients are available for MS Windows (Windows 7 or higher) and Mac (OS X or higher). DropShares can also be used on mobile devices such as smart phones, mobile phones, netbooks and tablets. DropShares apps are available for all leading operating systems from Windows Phone 8 to iOS (iPhone and iPad from iOS 4) to all Android versions. All client functions can be expanded via application programming interfaces (APIs).

Workflow and teamwork support

With DropShares your employees always have access to all files relevant for their work. They are able to share data with other users authorised by you quickly and easily. The automatic synchronisation of all connected stationary and mobile devices ensures that all users consistently have the respective current version of a stored file. This simplifies and speeds up collaboration between your employees regardless of their location.


You can authorise unregistered users to use DropShares. Authorisation is done via a link and is as simple as it is secure. Access to DropShares can also be granted to external employees and partners for the duration of a joint project. This allows them to use and save files or work on them jointly with your employees. Since all data are stored centrally, you always maintain full control over what data are accessible to the users.

Consistent security

Protecting your company data is only possible if you consistently maintain control over who has access to them. At the same time, your employees depend on file sharing programs to complete their daily work efficiently. If you want to prevent your employees from using external file sharing services, you should offer them your own secure file sharing service: DropShares.


With DropShares your data are protected against uncontrolled access at all times. Access is only possible with a user-specific password. With automatic end-to-end encryption, your data are protected all along the way from the sender to the recipient.


At your discretion, data storage is either locally in your facilities or in our certified data centres at the German DE-CIX internet node in Frankfurt am Main. There all of your data are protected according to EU law, giving you maximum legal certainty. Every change to your data is automatically logged. Daily backups allow you to restore your data quickly in case of physical data loss.

Fast implementation and individual branding

DropShares is available to you immediately after you register as a user and can be implemented in next to no time. All you need to do is install the DropShares client or call up the user interface using your web browser, and then create a DropShares folder. DropShares is used like an internal drive and recognised automatically.


You can integrate DropShares into your company and brand image with individual branding. Your logo can be applied to web clients, system interfaces and all system-generated events. Re-branding with different designs is straightforward as well. Changes are easy to make through the web interface.

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