E-MailArchive services – audit compliant archiving of e-mails and all relevant data

E-mails are indispensable in business communication, which means that permanent and secure storage is essential. With E-MailArchive services, the archiving of your e-mails and all related data is fully automated and audit compliant. You can access the information contained in your e-mails over the long term and legal compliance is assured as well.

Comprehensive protection against data loss

E-mails are among the most important information resources for any company. Yet most storage methods fail to take this importance into account. E-mails and attachments are often stored only in the respective user mailboxes, but not in a secure location. Not only does this lead to data loss, it also means that e-mail information is only used inefficiently.


With supplementary archiving using E-MailArchive services, your e-mails are not only saved for the long term but also remain accessible at all times – in day-to-day business and as evidence in court proceedings.

Legally compliant archiving

of all e-mails

E-MailArchive services provide fully automated e-mail archiving in compliance with all applicable legal provisions (such as the German Commercial Code (HGB), Tax Code (AO), Sales Tax Act (UStG), Control and Transparency Act (KonTraG), Basel II and Principles for the Proper Keeping and Storage of Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access (GoBD). The audit-compliant storage of calendar entries, contacts, tasks and notices in addition to e-mails is included. This means the requirement to save all files relevant for the comprehension of e-mails is met at all times. Thanks to intelligent storage management, E-MailArchive services avoid duplicating e-mails and attachments. All archived data are stored on the server and also in a separate high-security data centre.


All archived e-mails are indexed and can be found at any time with a full-text search. With the help of the search function, even deleted e-mails and other data can be found quickly and easily, and can be restored if needed. E-MailArchive services integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Outlook Web Access and smart phones. Fully automated fax archiving is also available as an optional add-on function.


Deleted e-mails are securely stored

Data loss is a thing of the past with E-MailArchive services. All e-mails are automatically archived directly when they are received or sent. Consistent archiving is the result. Even when users delete e-mails from their mailboxes, the data are still stored in the archive.


E-MailArchive services also versions all archived data. This means all changes to a file are recorded and earlier versions can be restored at any time. This function can be very important, especially when e-mails and other stored data are needed as evidence in administrative proceedings – for instance in tax cases – or in court.

Fast access to all archived data

E-MailArchive services not only save your e-mails consistently and permanently but also provide you with fast access to the stored data. E-MailArchive services are integrated in Microsoft Outlook with a handy add-in. With Outlook Web Access, you can use E-MailArchive services through your web browser. You can also access E-MailArchive services from your iPhone, Blackberry and any other smart phone for mobile access to the archive.


Thanks to indexing of all data and the full-text search in the archive, you quickly find the e-mail you currently need. As an alternative to the full-text search, you can access e-mails and files through your folder structure as well. Restoring your data when needed is simple – a click is all it takes.

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