Mobility is a key concept in the technology transformation. Discover the opportunities for your company offered by the mobile working environment and how to put these new possibilities to optimum use.

Consistently utilising mobile potential

The working environment is changing rapidly. Mobility has become a key concept in the transformation as mobile devices start to displace stationary PCs as the leading means for work. What may sound trivial has drastic consequences: Smart phones and tablets not only offer convenient ways to communicate and access information virtually anywhere in the world, but also harbour tremendous potential for the development of efficient business processes and innovative business models.

Discover the new opportunities of mobile technologies for your company and how to realise your mobile potential strategically with Elabs.

Consistently realising the opportunities of mobility

Nobody knows your business and your processes better than you do. But in the development of your Mobile First strategy, you examine your company from a whole new perspective – join our experts on a journey to the mobile world of tomorrow and find your best business model for the mobile age.


How will we live and work in the future? Where will demand for new products develop? How can you position yourself to continue successfully serving your market in the future?


Mobile First consulting from Elabs means more than optimising your familiar workflows with mobile applications. With your individual Mobile First strategy, you identify mobile potential and develop the business processes you need to transform possibilities into actual added value.

Comprehensive mobile strategy

We design a comprehensive mobile strategy for you, with all processes and applications required for implementation. Our thinking is consistently based on the application. We avoid island solutions by linking your new mobile business processes to your existing systems. In doing so, we make sure they can be seamlessly integrated into your workflows. Your mobile applications become highly solution-oriented and intuitive to use. They offer genuine benefits for the user.


With the Mobile First services and technologies from Elabs, you discover your full potential for the mobile world of tomorrow, develop your future-proof strategy to realise this potential and get all the tools you need to effectively implement this strategy.

Business models and products for the

Internet of Things

More and more devices are connected to the internet, sending information and receiving commands over the World Wide Web. But what happens when all of these devices communicate with each other directly, independently analysing the data they receive and making decisions on this basis? How will our living and working environment change when internet-capable devices become “intelligent”? What influence will these changes have on your business?


Join Elabs on a journey into the emerging Internet of Things, identify opportunities for new business models and products with us and learn how to perfectly protect your devices and data even in the future.

Tremendous business potential

A world in which devices get intelligent and communicate with each other: What sounded like dreams of the future just a few years ago is already beginning to become reality – thanks to suitable hardware and software with virtually unlimited connectivity. The first applications already exist in many industries. These range from parcel tracking via the internet to autopilot in cars to smart grid solutions that help electrical appliances consuming large amounts of electricity always utilise the most favourable rates.


The potential for the Internet of Things is enormous. Several dozen billion devices or more are expected to be connected to the internet in the next few years. One thing is clear even now: The Internet of Things will disrupt existing business models in the coming years and create new ones, just like social networks did in recent years. With Elabs you will be among the winners in the new internet age.

Consulting and IT service solutions from one source

More efficient processes and improved employee productivity, lower costs and better use of resources – these are just some of the growth factors in the Internet of Things. We help you develop business concepts, support you with the conceptual design of innovative products and offer you the full range of IT service solutions you need for the implementation of your individual Internet of Things strategy.


The comprehensive security of your devices and data is assured at the software and network levels. Our competencies include all hardware and software aspects – from delivering the open source hardware and efficient device management to optimum compatibility with other devices by using leading standards.

Join Elabs on a journey into the emerging Internet of Things and identify opportunities for new business models and products with us.

Industry 4.0: Intelligent manufacturing with smart services

The “fourth industrial revolution” and “Industry 4.0” – these keywords describe changes currently propelling industrial sectors into a new age: The fusion of manufacturing and IT. Going forward, manufacturing processes will no longer be controlled by advance programming of the machine but through the intelligent networking of data – for improved flexibility, speed and customisation.


Elabs helps you identify the pending changes for your sector in the age of Industry 4.0 now, revealing the potential for new business models for your company – and how to transform your manufacturing into a Smart Factory with networked but nevertheless highly secure processes.

Discover how your sector will change in the age of Industry 4.0 – and how to transform your manufacturing into a Smart Factory with networked but nevertheless highly secure processes.

Fusion of manufacturing and IT

Industry 4.0 means intelligent communication between machines, work pieces and finished products. They are equipped with embedded systems that sample their environment with sensors, process the information received with miniature computers and adapt their behaviour in seconds. At the same time they continuously exchange data over the same network with other connected objects, which adapt their own actions promptly based on the information received. All of the interconnected objects communicate with other parts of the company over the internet – from order management to bookkeeping to inventory management.


Customer behaviour plays an active role in the manufacturing process as well. Technical and business applications are integrated, transforming your production into a dynamic process that is always adapting to current requirements and technical possibilities.

Your vision

New technologies will drive major changes in industrial production during the next five years. Elabs supports you from the outset with a market perspective and sustainable prospects for the future of your company.

Your development

With Elabs, best practices mean manpower and know-how for your individual IT development. Machine-to-machine communication (M2M), service apps and service portals are leading technology trends that can greatly benefit your company.

Your strategy

Advised by Elabs, you implement the best strategies, concepts and approaches for all your company’s Industry 4.0 objectives.

Your partnerships

Sales will also undergo fundamental changes through recommendation services, sales portals and service-product configurators. Elabs tells you how.

Your projects

Elabs has experienced pilots who accompany you to your milestones and project successes according to plan.

Your know-how

With workshops and training from Elabs, you gain a lasting IT knowledge advantage as a Smart Factory.

Elabs accompanies you on every step of your way to a Borderless Enterprise with a flexible organisation structure – from strategic consulting to the operation of all required IT services.

Limitless added value
with the Borderless Enterprise

Modern information and communication technologies are causing borders to become less and less meaningful. Companies are adapting their organisations to new conditions, making them as flexible as the markets in which they operate. Fixed hierarchies and rigid structures are a thing of the past – the future belongs to the Borderless Enterprise with its flexible organisation. High-performance IT is crucial for its success.


Elabs accompanies you on every step of your way to the Borderless Enterprise – from strategic consulting to the production, implementation and operation of all IT services you need for borderless value creation.

Fast and flexible in the global market

Companies that consistently align their organisation with customers and their needs are winners in the global market. Depending on the concrete requirements of an order or project, modern companies form internal teams with highly specific tasks and enter into external partnerships in networks. Physical locations and functional borders are increasingly losing importance. Competencies are becoming more important than available capacities. Resources are being bundled where they are currently needed – and the organisation consistently aligns itself with the tasks.


The IT services offered by Elabs transform your company into an adaptable Borderless Enterprise – letting you fully realise your advantages in the global market.

IT services for the Borderless Enterprise

High-performance IT systems are essential for the Borderless Enterprise to respond to new requirements at all times, realise the advantages of specialisation and lower transaction costs.


The Elabs IT services permit process-oriented operation at the interface to the customer, function-oriented operation in the back office – and simultaneous networking with your partners. Individual IT service modules are effectively linked through service-to-service communication.


The scope of your IT service package is based exclusively on your needs and individual requirements. It can be changed at any time or expanded with new modules. With Elabs your transition to a Borderless Enterprise is no abrupt break but a flowing process.


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