Always 100 percent on the safe side

New software or hardware is not required to obtain legal certainty for your backups. HighSecurity Backup is the perfect IT service solution for backing up and restoring your data with high reliability. The HighSecurity Backup service alleviates technical and legal risks for your company, avoids new investments and saves a lot of work. Overnight – and forever!

Straightforward, high security with no investment

From servers or PCs, notebooks, external hard drives or other storage media – you can back up all types of data in our certified data centres directly at the German internet node, fully automated and legally compliant. Consistently encrypted of course.


An internet connection is the only technical requirement. No additional equipment of any kind is required since a backup client for each site looks after everything.

Company-wide technical and legal certainty: Automated, legally compliant backups for all company sites, home offices and mobile workstations

Fast data restoration – anywhere, any time

At the office, at home and on the road: Your backups can be fully automated and run undetected in the background from anywhere – even continuously if needed.


System data, complex databases or individual datasets can also be backed up quickly and easily at any time. Even by users with no technical knowledge.

All the additional services you need

After your or our on-site software client installation, the HighSecurity Backup service is ready to use immediately. Our experts can also handle other tasks related to the backup of your data on request, or take some of the load off your IT staff – from legally compliant backup concepts to central backup client administration. Naturally we will gladly work with the system vendor of your choice as well.

Overview: HighSecurity Backup service

  • Intelligent functions: Everything easily under control

    • Complete online backup solution that can be fully automated, with software from Asigra
    • Supports all operating systems and applications common in the market
    • Backups for servers, PCs, notebooks and external storage media, regardless of location [demo video]
    • Data verification and self-healing function (defective backup data are replaced, fully automated)
    • Data backup during operation is possible
    • Backup cycles (up to continuous data backup) and number of versions to store are freely definable
    • Bare metal restore is possible (restoring system data on blank hardware – even in distributed network environments)
    • Individual backup of datasets is possible
    • LAN discovery is supported (sorted list of all files on the network by type, size, volume, duplicates and so on)
    • Local storage of the last backup is possible
    • Short data transmission time and minimal requirements for the internet connection (min. 256 KBit/s upstream) thanks to incremental data backup at the block level (only new and changed data blocks are backed up)
    • Data restore by the user is supported [demo video]
    • Straightforward and fast software client installation on one computer per site [demo video]
  • Maximum security: No technical or legal worries

    • Data backup in certified data centres with high-availability equipment directly at the German internet node in Frankfurt/Main
    • Proof of compliance with all applicable legal regulations and directives (Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), Control and Transparency Act (KonTraG), Basel II, Euro-SOX, GoBS and more)
    • Fully automated data encryption, additional encrypted data transmission and encrypted data storage according to AES up to 256-bit
    • Data access with personal encryption code only
    • Encrypted initial backup
    • Agentless technology (no changes to server or client configurations)
  • Individual additional services as needed

    • On-site installation
    • Telephone and/or on-screen support
    • Data restoration
    • Remote administration (remote maintenance)
    • Monitoring of the backup functionality
    • Preparation of legally compliant backup concepts
  • All-inclusive prices with volume-based rates

    • Monthly all-inclusive prices per gigabyte of storage with volume-based discounts
    • Unlimited number of data backups and restores
    • Initial backup with several terabytes of volume is possible (data transmission online or on external storage medium from Elabs)
    • Short contract terms (one-month cancellation)


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