NoSpamPremium services – effective spam protection and comprehensive service

Spam threatens to drown e-mail communication and constitutes a serious security risk for all companies. NoSpamPremium services provide highly effective spam protection, sorting out spam at the earliest possible time with intelligent methods, offering you maximum security.

Consistent security for your e-mail communication

E-mails have largely replaced regular mail for business correspondence. But nobody uses e-mails more intensively than spam senders. Spamming is not limited to distributing dubious advertising. Criminal spam senders have also identified the e-mail system as a gateway to a company. They purposefully exploit this weakness to introduce Trojans and viruses, worms and other malware. Such malicious software can be used to freely spy on infected computers in addition to targeting other systems. An infected computer therefore puts your entire IT system at risk. NoSpamPremium services provide consistent protection against these risks.

Convenient spam and malware protection

NoSpamPremium services from Elabs offer comprehensive protection against spam and malware. Spam detection with NoSpamPremium services is based on intelligent e-mail classification through highly effective filters (level of trust filter, Bayesian filter, real-time block list check filter, SURBL filter, unsharp checksum filter, expression filter). Filtering can be adapted to your individual needs at any time with custom rules and configuration options.

Anti-spam protection during the SMTP receiving process

The highly professional anti-spam solution scans all incoming e-mails during the SMTP receiving process and sorts out spam even before it reaches your server. This consistently ensures that only e-mails classified as safe are allowed to pass the anti-spam gateway. Trusted e-mail addresses are recognised as safe, preventing e-mails from customers and business partners from being marked as spam in error.

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