PhonePremium services – integrated communication solutions for your business

Accessibility and short response times are crucial for successful customer communication and efficient teamwork. With PhonePremium services, your employees can be reached quickly and are able to communication with each other effectively – anywhere and any time.

Faster communication and better accessibility

Even though users have more interfaces and devices available to them today than ever before, communication is often delayed. Teamwork in particular is often significantly impaired as a result. PhonePremium services ensure that your work flows are no longer interrupted by presence and status enquiries.


Technical difficulties that can arise when various channels are used are also a thing of the past. Teams with members working at different sites and in various time zones in particular are able to realise the synergies of collaboration with PhonePremium services.

Simplify business processes with PhonePremium services

PhonePremium services integrate various functions in a single application environment. This intelligently simplifies communication between users and avoids media breaks, which often occur when different devices and file formats are used.


Not only your internal communication processes and work flows benefit from PhonePremium services, so does cooperation with your business partners – because joint projects can be completed more quickly while costs are reduced. The speed of responses to customer enquiries is also improved significantly through better accessibility and easier collaboration between team members.

Intelligent solution package for your professional communication

PhonePremium services are a highly modern solution, integrating various means of communication into a uniform application environment. Microsoft Skype for Business and various intelligent add-ons offer everything needed for communication – audio, video and chat, online meetings and collaboration.


Thanks to full compatibility with Microsoft Office, you can work with other team members using PhonePremium services directly from Office applications.

Powerful add-ons included

The PhonePremium services add-ons significantly improve the acceptance and efficiency of internet telephony and perfectly adapt Microsoft Skype for Business to your individual needs.


You have access to numerous extended telephony functions for outgoing and incoming calls, which are convenient to select via hot keys using the handy new Call Monitor. The new functions include speed dial and call answer as well as hanging up using the keyboard. Specific calls can be answered and forwarded. Extended call forwarding can be used to individually configure the handling of additional calls (call waiting, call waiting suppression or busy-on-busy).


For international teams it is especially handy that the PhonePremium services user can switch the client interface between German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.


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