Elabs platforms automate your workflows. Our scalable, high-availability platforms offer the best performance and reduce your own administrative effort to zero.

High-availability platforms – scalable and with the best performance

Elabs platforms set new performance and security standards. We have the know-how and experience for the development of sophisticated technology platforms that make mastering complex challenges simple for companies.


With all of our platforms, additional software and IT services can be integrated at any time through application programming interfaces (APIs). We offer our platform-as-a-service solutions as managed services.

Business services platform: Greater efficiency through automated services

Our business services platform automates your operating processes, making them faster and more reliable – naturally with multi-client capability and ultimate data security.

MaaS2go: Mobile app development – fast, productive and innovative

Your code encompasses numerous new mobile, desktop and web applications. MaaS2go transforms your Windows®-based desktop software into marketable apps with all the bells and whistles – and for all common operating systems and devices.

Software development at the switchboard

Mobile app production with extracted source code and new components

Mobile business remote management

Mobility management with app store and enterprise integration, push services, billing functions and much more

Highly scalable customer benefits

SaaS or in-house: Secure app operation with IBM Worklight technology

Elabs individual platforms combine the benefits of Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS) with the strengths of an individual solution tailored to your company and its specific requirements.

Individual Platforms: Platform solutions as a hosted service tailored to individual customer requirements


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