Out IT service products offer highly modern solutions for you with full flexibility and maximum security. Thanks to monthly fixed prices, you always have a firm grasp on your budget. Overnight if you want.

Our IT service products – turnkey performance packages to meet your needs

IT service products from Elabs are comprehensive, worry-free solutions that can be used immediately – including software and hardware as a full-service package. Our sophisticated solution packages with contemporary add-ons can be adapted to your individual needs at any time. With our IT service products, companies of all sizes work as efficiently as modern corporate groups – effectively maintaining their budgets thanks to monthly fixed prices. The quality of IT is consistently guaranteed.

DropShares is a modern file sharing service, offering the flexibility to work from any location and supporting collaborative data processing with other users. What’s more, DropShares features high security to protect your data and teamflow against unauthorised access.

With HighSecurity-Backup, your data are stored in our certified data centres directly at the German internet node in compliance with applicable legal requirements. Your data are always protected and can be restored at any time. Every backup is performed with documented legal compliance from any location.

Our DesktopPremium-Services offer IT performance packages tailored entirely to your individual needs – including the use of hardware and software licenses, all technical services and comprehensive user support.

ExchangePremium-Services allow your employees to use their current Exchange data any time and anywhere – on the PC or laptop, thin client or PDA with an internet connection. Numerous attractive additional functions make the digital work experience more enjoyable. Here too we offer maximum security and comprehensive service.

With E-MailArchive-Services, your e-mails are automatically stored in compliance with audit requirements. E-mail archiving is performed in compliance with all applicable legal regulations – giving you full legal certainty.

Our NoSpamPremium-Services offer intelligent spam filtering even during SMTP receiving – sorting out unwanted spam e-mails before they can reach your e-mail server. This avoids the legal consequences which can result from merely receiving an e-mail through your e-mail gateway. You also save valuable working time which is otherwise lost by sorting out spam e-mail.

Our PhonePremium-Services offer Microsoft Skype for Business plus add-ons as a handy IT service package which you soon will not want to go without – for telephone and fax, e-mail and messaging as well as web, video and audio conferences. Our add-ons make Skype for Business even more powerful. You speed up your processes and lower the costs for your infrastructure, facilitate working in teams and projects at different locations and always make a professional impression on customers and suppliers.


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